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Gem Alert - Fractured Synthetic Ruby
Synthetic rubies are giving the slip to those in the trade since mankind assigned value to pieces of shiny metal and brightly coloured stones, attempts have been made to duplicate Mother Nature’s handiwork.

The Verneuil Process of producing synthetic gemstones is the most common synthetic we see today.

The Verneuil Process is a classic technique for producing synthetic gemstones. It certainly isn’t the last of its kind, however. If anything, aspiring alchemists today have taken the technology even further, adding new techniques (which are harder to identify) all the time.

Penchant Design

We are Hiring! The position that is available is for a Jewellery Designer and Diamond and Jewellery Sales Consultant.

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Contact: Jackie Hahn
Tel: 021 876 3094
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Crayve Presentations

We are hiring – In-house Salesperson.
Our company is a supplier of presentation products for the retail Jewellery industry and is based in Barbeque Downs, Kyalami (Johannesburg).

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Contact: Jennifer
Tel: 011 4669196
Email: hr@crayve.co.za

I am a qualified diamond setter with 30 years international diamond setting experience in all types of settings. Including Pave’setting, bead setting, channel setting and micro setting.

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